"By the love of those I have been privileged enough to rescue, I have been rescued."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Annette King Tucker

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Fort Worth

Fort Worth

 This colony is located in a fast food parking lot in Fort Worth.  Looks like 3 adults and 3 kittens.  Look closely at the fence line, you will see tiny faces!!  6 kitties Tnr $150 to sponsor this colony!

This feral colony consists of 5 kitties that are very healthy, but in need of Tnr.  They are located in a small wooded area behind a fast food restaurant.  Tnr cost $125

This group of beautiful back and whites are located in Fort Worth behind a physicians offices.  We estimate there to be about 6 full grown kitties.  Tnr cost $150 to sponsor.

We welcome you to sponsor a single feral kitty, or any entire colony.  All donations to Cattailz.org are tax deductible.........


Willow Park

‚ÄčCattailz.org is a non profit 501 (c) 3

Cattailz.org's  mission is to care for homeless feral and community cats living in Tarrant and Parker County.  These lost and homeless souls deserve compassion for fighting for survival in the shadows of our community.  We provide them with a better life through TNR, food, shelter, and medical care.